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Secure Nexus Consulting, LLC

Driving Security Innovation

Get Your Innovation Deployed- Faster

We don’t just open doors — we help clients navigate the entire technology deployment process, from evaluation, to conop development, to testing, to procurement – and beyond.

Stay Ahead Of The Security Requirements Curve

Secure Nexus monitors the global homeland security landscape and engages with key stakeholders to bring our clients a forward looking view of how technology requirements

Make Smarter Investments in Security Technology

Our team helps investors identify emerging market opportunities — and assess which technologies are best positioned to exploit them.

Our Team

Andrew Goldsmith

Michael Higdon

Kelly Hoggan

Mark Laustra

The Secure Nexus Difference

nex·us /ˈneksəs/noun

a connection or linking two or more things. the central and most important point or place.

We help clients achieve their goals by connecting federal homeland security market insight and relationships with expertise in government relations, business development, marketing and security technology assessment.

Business Development
We augment and accelerate our clients’ current initiatives, helping them exploit new opportunities and markets within the global homeland security arena.
Government Relations
We focus on homeland security appropriations and budget policy while monitoring aviation, border and maritime security, AI policy, CBRNE detection, and screening technology innovation.
Public Relations and Corporate Communications
We develop and implement messaging campaigns that resonate with decision makers and build public support for our clients’ technologies and brands.
Operational Strategy
We help airlines, airports, port operators and event organizers use technology effectively to improve security and passenger experience while lowering costs
Technology and Market Assessment
For investors in the homeland security space, we provide objective analysis based on decades of experience and continuous interaction with key industry stakeholders.

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